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When it’s time to replace your roof, one of the most important decisions is which material to use; the quality and durability of your new roof will depend heavily on the type and brand of materials selected. For Maryland homeowners opting for a traditional shingle roof, there are several top shingle manufacturers in the roofing industry to consider for residential projects. This brief guide will examine some of the most common types of shingles used on Maryland homes and provide an overview of quality brands to help homeowners make an informed decision! Contact our team at RoofPRO today for more information on the best roof shingles for your property! 

Common Types of Shingles on Maryland Homes

Maryland homeowners have several good options regarding shingle types for roof replacement or new construction projects. The climate in Maryland fluctuates, with hot, humid summers and periods of heavy rain and snowfall throughout the winter months. The correct shingles can withstand these conditions for decades when installed properly! Here are some of the most common types of shingles found on local homes. 

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles, also known as traditional composite shingles, are the most widely used roofing material for homes in Maryland and across the U.S. There are several reasons asphalt shingles are so popular: 

• Affordability – Asphalt shingles are one of the most economical roofing options for homeowners. They provide an attractive look for a fraction of the slate, tile, or metal roofing cost. 

• Versatility – Asphalt shingles come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Basic 3-tabs, architectural dimensional shingles, luxury shingles, and simulated wood shake/slate, among others. This versatility allows homeowners to choose the best asphalt shingles to complement any architectural style! 

• Durability – Modern asphalt shingles are engineered to withstand extreme weather. The best brands use reinforced fiberglass mats and weathering-grade asphalt that resist heat, heavy rains, and high winds. Special mineral coatings can also protect against UV rays; most shingles carry 20-50-year warranties, depending on the brand. 

• Fire Resistance – Asphalt shingles are Class A fire-rated. The materials do not ignite readily from stray embers or lightning strikes. This added insurance is essential for Maryland homeowners! 

• Easy Maintenance – Properly installed asphalt shingles require very little yearly upkeep. They don’t need routine sealing or staining like wood shakes or other materials. Asphalt shingles resist mold, algae, and insects well when using professional-grade products. 

• Lightweight – Asphalt shingles weigh less than slate, or tile. This reduces strain on roof decks and allows for easier installation. Their relatively light weight makes them suitable for homes in areas prone to high winds. 

For endless options at a reasonable cost, asphalt shingles from a leading brand are an excellent choice for Maryland roofing projects. Their versatility, durability, and affordability explain why they are the most widely used residential roofing material. 

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Premium Architectural Shingles

Premium architectural shingles represent the highest quality, most durable asphalt roofing on the market. Also called dimensional or laminated shingles, architectural shingles can recreate the textured look of expensive wood shake or slate roofing using robust asphalt construction. Their standout features include: 

• Multi-Layer Design – Architectural shingles typically have two or more layers of waterproofing material, creating thickness and depth—the layered construction results in enhanced dimensionality, durability, and texture.  

• Bold Shadow Lines – Precision cutting creates shadow lines that deliver the appearance of depth, contours, and texture on the roof. This visual interest takes dull, flat shingles to a new level! 

• Excellent Weatherproofing – The layered materials, increased thickness, and weathering granules protect against rain, snow, heat, and UV rays. Architectural shingles hold up better than basic 3-tab shingles. 

• Longer Lifespan – With proper installation, architectural shingles typically last 30-50 years, thanks to their rugged construction. Some brands even offer enhanced limited lifetime warranties! 

• Added Curb Appeal – Architectural shingles lend more sophistication and charm to a home’s exterior than basic shingles. The upscale look can help boost the resale value for your home. 

Though more expensive than basic 3-tab asphalt shingles, architectural shingles offer unmatched durability and aesthetic appeal. Their upscale look, longevity, and weather-resistant construction make them a sound investment for many Maryland homeowners.  

3-Tab Shingles

3-tab shingles remain a popular roofing material for Maryland homeowners looking for an affordable and classic asphalt shingle option. Identifying features of 3-tab shingles include: 

• Rectangular Shape – Each shingle is a simple rectangle without contour or dimensionality. 3-tabs have a flat, planar design. 

• Three Tabs – These shingles get their name from the three tabs cut into the bottom of each piece. The tabs allow for offset alignment between shingle courses for improved weather protection.  

• Single Layer Composition – 3-tab shingles consist of a single layer of asphalt-coated fiberglass matting. This makes them thinner and lighter than architectural shingles. 

• Wide Color Availability – While 3-tab color options are more limited than premium shingles, there is still a wide range of popular hues like black, brown, gray, and red. 

• Budget-Friendly – The simple manufacturing and materials result in an affordable product! 3-tab shingles can cut roofing costs by 15-30% versus premium multi-layers. 

• Shorter Warranties – Generally, 3-tab shingles last 20-25 years under normal conditions when properly installed. The warranties reflect this shorter lifespan compared to architectural shingles. 

For homeowners looking for a basic and economical asphalt shingle, 3-tab is an acceptable and popular option. Though they lack the depth and dimension of architectural shingles, well-made 3-tabs provide years of weather protection and curb appeal. They make for an accessible and practical choice for budget-minded projects. 

Cedar Wood Shakes

For homeowners interested in a natural roofing material, cedar wood shakes and shingles are a common option. Cedar has natural oils that help the wood resist rot, mold, and insects. Though more expensive upfront, a cedar roof can last 30-50 years with proper maintenance! Cedar’s rustic, organic look offers vintage charm for homes throughout the state. 

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Quality Manufacturers and Brands of Roofing Shingles

When reviewing shingle options for your Maryland home, it helps to be familiar with some of the leading national brands and manufacturers. The following companies produce quality asphalt and cedar shingles suitable for local climate conditions and architectural styles! Feel free to reach out to our team at RoofPRO for more information. 

IKO Industries

IKO is a trusted Canadian shingle manufacturer offering stylish, resilient asphalt shingles. Their architectural shingles come in popular styles like Armourshake, Crowne Slate, and Cambridge. IKO also makes 3-tab shingles, starter strips, and roofing accessories. Some of their products are rated to withstand winds up to 130 mph! 

Owens Corning

Known for its bright pink fiberglass insulation, Owens Corning is also one of the largest shingle manufacturers in America! They make a wide selection of 3-tab and architectural shingles, including popular choices like the Oakridge and Duration series. Many Owens Corning shingles carry a limited lifetime 50-year warranty. 

GAF Shingles

GAF is North America’s largest roofing manufacturer and a leader in residential shingles! Their Timberline series of architectural shingles is a top seller, prized for their durability and thickness. GAF offers shingles with patented technology to resist algae growth and maximize weathering protection, and many of their products come with a lifetime limited warranty! 

CertainTeed Shingles

CertainTeed is a trusted brand that produces quality asphalt and composite shingles. Their most popular architectural shingles include their Landmark and Independence lines. CertainTeed also makes classic 3-tab shingles, starter shingles, and other roofing accessories. 

Atlas Roofing

Atlas Roofing Corporation makes asphalt shingles for homes and businesses. Their architectural shingles come in designs such as GlassMaster and Briarwood Pro. For homeowners on a budget, Atlas Select 3-tab shingles can also offer affordability and longevity! Atlas shingles are manufactured in the United States and are backed by meaningful warranties. 

What is the Best Shingle Manufacturer for My Roof?

When comparing all the major brands, it’s hard to single out one as the absolute best roofing shingles. High-end shingles from IKO, Owens Corning, GAF, CertainTeed, and Atlas are all excellent options! Talk to your preferred Maryland roofer about which brands they recommend and specialize in installing for homes in our area. Some key factors to weigh include product warranties, color/style selection, wind resistance rating, and overall cost. 

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Why Work with RoofPRO for Roofing in Maryland?

When it comes time for your roof replacement or new construction project, partner with a trustworthy, local roofing contractor like RoofPRO! Our team brings years of experience with all significant shingle brands and manufacturers. We know which products perform best under Maryland weather conditions and will provide you with options tailored to your home’s unique needs. Reach out today! 

Top-Rated Solutions for Residential Shingle Roofs

RoofPRO keeps current on the latest products and installation methods from leading shingle manufacturers. We like to stay educated on building codes and requirements to ensure every roofing job we do meets or exceeds standards for quality workmanship. 

Working with Top Shingle Brands in the Industry

We work closely with highly-rated national brands of asphalt shingles, including GAF, Owens Corning, CertainTeed, IKO, and Atlas Roofing. We are also experienced installers of cedar shake, slate, metal and roofs! Our team at RoofPRO will help you review the benefits of different shingle types and select the right ones for your home and budget. You can trust us to install a durable, attractive roof properly! 

Proud to Be One of the Top Roofing Companies in the Region

With local roots in Maryland, RoofPRO has proudly provided exceptional roofing services for over a decade. Our expertise, professionalism, and customer satisfaction have earned us a reputation as one of the top local roofing contractors in the state! 

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Over a Decade of Experience

Our seasoned team has installed thousands of roofs across Maryland. We have worked on homes of all sizes and architectural styles, keeping clients happy year after year. Our experience with local building codes and climate conditions gives us unique insight into the best shingles and roofing practices for your home. 

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We encourage prospective customers to view photos of past shingle roof replacements and installations on our website. Seeing our portfolio of completed projects will assure you of our abilities and commitment to excellence. We have delivered beautiful, durable roofs that add lasting value to Maryland homes. 

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