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Are you in need of a roof inspection and certification? You’ve come to the right place. As a licensed roofer in Maryland, RoofPRO has been providing inspections and certifications for over 20 years. Our team is equipped to give you the necessary information and documentation for the next phase of your home. Whether you’re buying or selling a home or simply need a thorough inspection, we’re here to help. 

free roof inspection

If you know you have a problem with your roof and want to repair it, you really just need an estimate. We will inspect the situation while on site and do a brief look-over for anything else obvious while we are there.

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    Roof Inspection Types:

    • Roof Leak Inspection
    • Roof Certificate
    • Commercial Roof Inspection
    Nicholas DiMichael
    Nicholas DiMichael
    I have been a customer of RoofPro for ten years. They have been terrific: responsive, expert and prompt. They did an excellent job of replacing our very old gutter.They have also recently fixed a part of our roof that they did not install, and replaced our son’s roof. They have done a terrific job, with reasonable prices, in all of their work.
    stephen beecher
    stephen beecher
    Did everything above what they advertises. Easy and quick communications and work done on time promised with expertise.
    Tracy W
    Tracy W
    Roofpro was great to work with. Response time, professionalism, crew, sales. Everyone from start to finish was excellent to work with. They did a stellar job installing our new roof and gutters, fixed problem areas showing us exactly what they were going to do before they did it. Highly recommend!
    Richard Bradshaw
    Richard Bradshaw
    Roofpro did a really fine job of replacing water damaged and deteriorated siding and window framing at a truly competitive price. Crews were on time and worked efficiently. My expectations were met to the letter.
    Jeff Gatton
    Jeff Gatton
    John Henry and Ken Stanley, project manager were great to deal with on my roof project. Crew on time, cleaned up and finished the project timely.
    Linda Dixon
    Linda Dixon
    RoofPro scheduled an announcement immediately to identify the problem and promptly followed up within a few days to repair the roof. I was provided pictures of the issues, a full explanation of the problem, and the proposed repair. Although they had to remove/replace shingles and a piece of plywood, the repair is not noticeable. The workers were prompt, polite, and professional. I’m very pleased with RoofPro.
    Jalen Stevenson
    Jalen Stevenson
    Roofpro did a excellent job on my house to repair the siding that got damaged from the wind.
    Neil Levy
    Neil Levy
    We are very pleased with the service provided by RoofPro. They responded quickly to our request to repair our roof leak, diagnosed the problem and fixed it at a reasonable price.We confidently can recommend RoofPro.
    Savannah L
    Savannah L
    Very professional team, Dave was great!

    Understanding Roof Inspections and Certifications

    While both roof inspections and certifications involve a professional assessment of your roof’s condition, they serve distinct purposes within the realm of roof maintenance. Let’s delve into the key attributes of each to provide clarity:

    Roof Inspections

    A roof inspection is essential for protecting your home, with two main types serving distinct purposes. Reactive roof inspections are triggered by known issues, like leaks, and focus on identifying and assessing damage for targeted repairs.

    Proactive roof inspections, conducted regardless of apparent issues, aim to understand the overall condition and age of your roof, identifying potential problems early to prevent major repairs or leaks.

    Roof Certification

    A certification is a document that states the condition on a document with our letterhead as a licensed roofer, which you can present to your insurance carrier or during the sale or purchase of a home, or just keep it for yourself for peace of mind. A roof certification is somewhat like a typical home inspection, but focused on just the roof.

    roof inspection and certificate process

    Roof Inspection Check List

    1. Inside the home: This will help us identify the general location of the leak.
    2. Inside the attic: Enabling us to find the exact location of the leak where it is entering from the roof and also check parts of the ventilation system.
    3. Attic ventilation system: Evaluating what type of system exists and how it is performing.
    4. Gutters: Identifying the condition in relation to how they are secured, transition from the roof, and allow the flow of water.
    5. Flashings at penetrations: Looking for any deterioration and aging of material or damage.
    6. Condition of material: Inspecting the shingles and membrane to determine the remaining life expectancy.
    7. Valleys, peaks, etc.: Looking at sensitive areas on the roof system for rapid aging, poor installation, or any maintenance

    Other Types of Roof Inspections

    Aside from the special cases where you might require a roof certificate or a detailed report of your roof, as stated above, we also offer normal roof estimates for repairs. So if your roof has a leak and you need that leak inspected and then an estimate for repair, we’ve got you covered. If your whole roof needs to be replaced and you need an estimate for that, we will also be happy to provide you with one.

    Roof Repair Inspection

    We inspect your home regarding a specific area of damage that you have directed us to inspect. We then write you an estimate for repair. This type of repair inspection is free of charge. 

    Free Roof Inspection

    You may or may not have damage to your roof or home; perhaps you want to get work done because the age of the roof has reached its useful life. If your intention is to get work done, we’ll review your project with you and provide a written estimate. 

    Commercial Roof Inspection

    • For when you want an in-depth report on your roof’s condition.
    • We’ll inspect all details of your roof, from the attic to flashings and roofing material.
    • You’ll receive a written report with notes and pictures upon request.
    • Pricing for inspections will vary depending on the size, location, and details required.

    Roof Certification

    • Sometimes needed for buying or selling a home or when getting homeowners insurance.
    • For situations that require a licensed roofer.
    • We’ll inspect all details of your roof, from the attic to flashings and roofing material.
    • We’ll give you a certificate document stating the condition of the roof.
    • The certificate document will include the expected remaining life of the roof.
    • Additional notes will be made to inform you of any concerns. 
    • A non-refundable roof inspection fee for certification applies.

    Our Other Roofing Services Include:


    We believe that a roof is more than a shingle, it's a system built of multiple components that when properly joined together with each unique essential facet will provide the longevity you need for your home. We bring you roof systems built to last, crafted with excellence and quality, a complete package from top to bottom.

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    Why RoofPRO?

    • Whether its a repair or an full replacement, We advocate for the best option that fits homeowners budget and needs
    • Transparent Pricing (we dont have alot of change orders and price changes after the quote)
    • We give an accurate timeline of the health of the roof
    • Full Warranty
    • Free no pressure, hassle or obligation estimates
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