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skylight repair

Residential Skylight Repair

Skylight Repair

Do you have one of those pesky skylights that continues to leak? Your leak may be the result of faulty installation, damaged caulking, damaged flashing near the skylight, leaks from other parts of the home, faulty or damaged roof shingles, or even improper repairs.

Let us help! Some skylights can be repaired, others must be replaced. Contact us today for a skylight repair consultation in Maryland, so you can begin enjoying your skylight as it was intended to be.


What to look for when finding the cause of a skylight leak.

  1. Seal failure between the glass and the frame. This can be identified from the inside of your home when you see water stains that run from the glass down the frame.
  2. Old flashing kits. A lot of older skylights were created with a flashing kit that was only two inches wide and completely reliant on roof cement.
  3. Exposed nails in keyway or in flashing. If a nail is too close to the edge of the shingle or lower down in the step flashing, it increases the chance of water reaching the nail hole.
  4. Debris at top of skylight can cause water to back up under the shingle rather than continue running past the skylight.
  5. Shingles around or above. If the water stains on the ceiling are showing up only one the drywall, chances are it is coming from shingle or flashing around the skylight rather than the actual skylight.
Skylight Installation And Repair
skylight repair

Residential Skylight Replacement

We have access to a full range of skylights to meet your needs. Quality craftsmanship and installation are a given; we do it right the first time!

Types of skylights repair we do:

  1. Velux Deck Mounted and Curb Mounted. Typically the skylight of choice depends on the type of roof you want it installed on. Curb mounted skylights are the proper skylight for flat roofs.
  2. Velux Venting skylights. We offer both a manual and solar powered venting skylight that will open up to allow fresh air in.
  3. Solatubes and Sun Tunnels are a wonderful way of getting light into a room without having the direct sunlight.
  4. Custom Skylights for those unique roof structures or for skylight openings that are from discontinued skylight models.
  5. Commercial skylights along with the necessary safety protection needed to meet OASH regulations.

Whether you need skylight repair or replacement in Maryland, RoofPRO can help. Give us a call at 410-762-4295 or request a free quote now.

Residential Skylight Repair Services

Warranty, 10-year No Leak Manufacture Warranty – Skylight Repair

Bear in mind that if you do see signs of interior water damage, the leak is likely not directly overhead. Water is an expert traveler, finding its way through nooks and crannies while following a wide variety of surfaces.

Talk to a professional roofing company right away – we can help you find the source based on the symptoms of your leak and the current condition of your roof system.

The RoofPro team specializes in skylight installation, repairs and retrofitting. We can help!

When replacing your roof we highly recommend that you also replace your skylights. Because every time you replace the shingles around a skylight, you increase the chances of a leak on the original skylight.

Also, if you are getting a 50-year shingle, it only makes sense to have a skylight that will last as long as possible. Having a new skylight with the new roof allows everything to be under one warranty, the warranty from the installer, which is the safest way to protect your new roof system.

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We believe that a roof is more than a shingle, it's a system built of multiple components that when properly joined together with each unique essential facet will provide the longevity you need for your home. We bring you roof systems built to last, crafted with excellence and quality, a complete package from top to bottom.

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  • Whether its a repair or an full replacement, We advocate for the best option that fits homeowners budget and needs
  • Transparent Pricing (we dont have alot of change orders and price changes after the quote)
  • We give an accurate timeline of the health of the roof
  • Full Warranty
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