Warranties Simplified

RoofPRO will do all the work to give you the best warranty. We will file all the necessary paperwork with the manufacturers and then you will be mailed a copy of the warranty, you won’t have to do anything. We are proud to offer the best shingle material warranty on the market along with our company’s labor warranty and more.

Please note, all the information on this page is dependent on the type of material selected and the final authority on all warranty coverage is the manufacture. Please reference their documents for details.

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Warranties We Offer:

Depending on the project you desire. See specific warranty document for exact coverage.
  1. Roof replacement – RoofPRO company labor warranty. Typically between 5 or 10 years.
  2. Repair work – RoofPRO company labor warranty. Typically 90 days to 1-year on for repair work.
  3. Material – shingle manufacturers warranty, Limited lifetime and able to go as high as 50+ years. See Owens Corning Warranty for exact details of coverage.
  4. Workmanship, shingle manufacturer warranty – Extra workmanship warranty from the manufacturer up to 25 years.
  5. Material, Flat roofing, manufacturer’s warranty. Depending on the product, these can be anywhere between 10 and 30 years.
See below for more specific details. Be sure to read the warranty documents from the manufacture and our company as these will be the accurate description of the coverage.

Enhanced Warranty vs Standard Warranty


    Starting with the basic off-the-shelf warranty that everyone gets simply for buying their material. Next would be Enhanced Warranties, which come with greater coverage and can only be provided by a certified installer. For example, a shingle might have the ability to come with a wind warranty of up to 130mph but if the installer is not certified then the homeowner is not actually receiving that warranty.


    Every manufacturer requires us to install their roofing products in a specific way in order for us to provide the warranty. RoofPRO has been through extensive training and random inspections in order for our company to qualify. Manufacturers train our teams on how to install their roofing material. After passing the tests and being certified as an installer, we then have to undergo random inspections of our projects or specific inspections on the last day of install.

RoofPRO Provides The Following Manufacturer Warranties.

Just because a product "has a warranty" doesn't mean you are actually getting it. Only qualified installers can give you the enhanced warranties.

Owens Corning – Preferred Platinum.

  1. Shingle, Limited Lifetime 50-year Material Warranty.
  2. 25-year Workmanship Warranty. 130mph wind warranty and more.
  3. Flat roof, DeckSeal Material, and Labor Limited Warranty. 12 to 15-year options.
  4. See Owens Corning graph and link to documents below.


  1. Limited Lifetime Membrane Warranty, 20-year NDL.

CertainTeed – 4 Star

  1. Shingle material and labor warranty up to 50-years. 130mph wind.

GAF System Plus

  1. Shingle, Limited lifetime 50-year material, and labor warranty. 130mph wind warranty.

Roof Repair

Not everything needs to be replaced. In most cases, if the general roof is in good condition, we are able to repair the roof and offer a warranty on the workmanship.

The most common issues that require a repair are as follows:

  1. Flashing around the pipes. Typically these are installed with a rubber flashing and if it’s a cheap builder grade flashing kit, they will normally break down around 7-years. Learn more about roof pipe flashing here.
  2. Chimney. A lot of homes in Columbia have wood siding. When the siding is not maintained, it can root away and expose the flashing around your chimney, or anywhere for that matter. Every chimney will require specific flashing, for example, brick chimneys will need metal counter flashing, where you cut into the mortar and tuck the metal into the brick.
  3. Skylights. These are a easily overwhelmed if extra debris from trees sit on the roof around the skylight, and we all know how many trees are in Columbia. With the extra debris, water will then pool behind the skylight and get into the flashing.
  4. Ridge vent. Unfortunately some builders still use aluminum ridge vent, which requires a lot of maintenance and can easily leak from wind driven rain. Since it is at the peak, it tends to find it’s way to the wood decking and as a result, the wood typically needs to be replaced as well. This is one of those items you will want to maintain and address as soon as you notice a leak.
  5. Exposed nails. In Columbia, because of how many houses are surrounded by trees. There are a lot of houses that have excessive debris on the roof. IF this is not cleared off, it can result in water backing up under the shingles and getting to the nails. There are also exposed nails in flashing and ridge vent, which is a maintenance item and you will want to keep an eye on this.

Understand Your Warranty

There is a lot of fine print when it comes to these warranties so we have compiled a list of common phrases and explained what they mean. Please note that the descriptions and application of these terms may vary based on the product and manufacture you choose. Please reference the exact manufacturer documents for a complete understanding.

"Limited lifetime"

This typically refers to, "for as long as owner owns home." That being said, there are transferable warranties but some of the coverage changes after a few years under the new owner.


This is the best coverage you can get because if your installer made a mistake when installing your roof, the manufacturer will cover the cost of fixing their mistake. Which is amazing for you if the contractor goes out of business.

Single-family vs other structures

The enhanced warranties change the moment the roof is installed on anything but a single-family home. So if you have a townhouse or business, the enhanced warranty will cover less. They will still cover a lot but in comparison, it is less.

"Labor vs workmanship"

When manufacturers use the term "Labor" this is in reference to the labor needed to replace a faulty shingle. But "workmanship" means, the work required to fix something the first contractor installed poorly.


If you have a standard warranty, not an enhanced then after a few years, your coverage will go down. For example, at year 10, if a shingle malfunctions, you will only get 80% of the coverage to replace the shingle. Having a non-prorated warranty is essential.

"Wind warranty"

This will only be 15 years. Even though your shingle may have a 50-year warranty, the wind-resistant warranty is only for 15 years.

Residential vs Commercial

When it comes to enhanced warranties, there is a difference in coverage between a residential roof, for example, a single-family home and a commercial roof, for example, an apartment building or business.

For example, with a shingle roof from Owens Corning, the residential single-family house gets full material coverage for 50-years. Where as a building other than that, like a business, would only get 20-year of full coverage and the rest is prorated. The prorated portion on the commercial roof will still extend out to 50-years. It’s just prorated. All manufactures are like this.

Comparing Shingle Warranties

Which warranty is the best? Some manufactures have significant differences between their coverage, for example, some will have 110mph wind warranty and others have 130mph. Typically the larger brands will have really closes similarities and so it becomes a little more tricky to identify the key differences.

In the following list I will be referring to the larger brands that are very similar in coverage. So when you have to companies saying they offer 130mph wind warranty, why would you choose one over the other?

Here are a few important things to consider.

  • Always have your contractor show you the fine print in the warranty.
  • Is your contractor certified to offer the enhanced warranty? You can double check this on the manufacturers website.
  • When did the manufacture come out with the new shingle or the new warranty? If it was in the past year or two, does that really give the industry enough time to test their shingle? And why did they come out with that only now? Can Wal-mart really turn into Nordstrom over night?
  • Some manufacturers offer certifications to any roofing company out there who "checks the boxes." Meaning, if they do a few simple steps, they can offer the enhanced warranty. This is dangerous because anyone could become "certified" and still not produce quality work. While Owens Corning requires that their installers participate in random inspections in a continual basis, to make sure they are maintaining the quality of install. The also only allow a few installers per state. The process is rigorous and RoofPRO has been approved as one of their installers.

Warranty Info

Below is the information you need regarding Owens Corning Shingle warranty. Review the difference between the standard and the Extended Coverage.

Also, see the documents tab to download the PDF warranty documents directly from the manufacturer.