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When a major storm blows through, it can wreak havoc on your home’s roofing system, leaving behind severe damage, roof leaks, and large debris in its wake. If your home has recently experienced storm damage and you are in need of emergency roofing services, contact our trusted team at RoofPRO today! 


Emergency Roof Repair Services: Call us at (410) 701-2393 [or] text Tim Taylor now: (443) 812-3782. The longer you wait the more damage your home can incur! 


Expert Roofers for Storm Damage in Maryland

When the rain begins to pour and the wind picks up, your home should be a safe, reliable shelter! Unfortunately, however, age, decay, and previous damage can sometimes result in a leaking roof. The key is to act quickly, not ignoring it and waiting until the rain stops or for the leak to slow down!


The RoofPRO Emergency Roof Repair Service Crew is here to help! We will take on the task of quickly responding to your call and tarping your roof as needed to limit the water damage. This will provide temporary relief for your property all while mitigating costly roofing and water damage. 

Emergency Roofing And Repair
Elise Salvant
Elise Salvant
Excellent service! Great customer service.
_ MDan
_ MDan
Super good experience with RoofPro! Estimate was quick and easy (they arrived early for the appointment), no fluff in the sale and was able to give an official written estimate. Install happened quickly after that and the installers were equally fast, efficient, courteous and again, on time. A very good transaction, will deal again if I need them
P. Franklin Smith
P. Franklin Smith
They were easy to schedule, gave a detailed estimate and did good work!
Justin Vrotny
Justin Vrotny
My mother in law used roofpro to replace her roof. After getting multiple estimates we met Tj. He was the only person to get in the attic and on the roof. He thoroughness was breathtaking and really showed he wanted the job done correctly. We were blown away with his can do attitude and attentiveness. The roofers were on time and very professional I would definitely use roofpro again.
Amazing experience with Brandon. Came out and fixed an emergency leak and communicated the issue effectively.
Karen Otter
Karen Otter
Out of all the roofing companies that I got a quote from, TJ at RoofPRO was the only person that went up and looked in the attic. He took pictures to show me what he found and did a thorough inspection. That made a big impression on me. The crew that came out to put on the new shingles did a great job and cleaned up everything when they were done. I’m very happy with my new roof and gutters.
Floyd Creecy
Floyd Creecy
Everyone in this business with whom I spoke to provided exceptional professional service. From my appointment schedule to project completion. Work began on time and was completed on time. I was kept informed every step of the way. I went through 2 companies to get my roof repaired and I got the run around with both. I’m so glad I found RoofPro!
Mohammed “simon” Elhaimer
Mohammed “simon” Elhaimer
Good service And friendly

Professional Emergency Service for Storm Damage Repairs

Spending time on your roof can be a dangerous proposition in the best of circumstances, let alone when the surface is slick with rain! Letting our professional roofing team handle the emergency repairs will keep you out of harm’s way while also providing an array of benefits for your property. 

• A fast response limits water damage 

• We are fully insured and trained to deal with any circumstances 

• Many insurance companies require that the roof be tarped before they inspect the damage 

• If we identify the problem, we can fix your leak on the spot 

• If you do not have a tarp, we will provide one!

Emergency Roof Repair & Tarping Services Maryland

Emergency Roof Tarping Services

Roofs in Maryland experience all kinds of inclement weather and can take on large amounts of damage over time. Whether it be due to long-term damage or sudden issues, your roof may be exposed and compromised for a brief period of time after a major storm. RoofPRO is proud to offer roof tarping services to homeowners throughout Maryland! 

Roof Tarping as a Temporary Fix

First, we will come out and survey the damage to your roof before deciding the best course of action. By tarping your roof’s damaged area immediately, you will have peace of mind that your home is safe from the elements while you are waiting for further repairs. 

Our team will proceed by installing the tarp over the exposed area or the entire roof, depending on the size of the damage. In addition to roof tarping, we also can tarp any damaged siding on your house as needed until repairs can be made. 

Our tarps are fastened down by planks of wood that are secured to your roof. We ensure that our tarps are laid out flat to take away any possibilities of flapping or water leakage. If you are wavering between waiting to get your roof tarped after you know your insurance can cover it, then go ahead and tarp your roof! The additional damage that can be done to an exposed roof will cost more than the repairs themselves!  

We recommend contacting our roofing professionals to get a free inspection and consultation; contact your insurance provider immediately after. 

Emergency Roof Repair
Residential Roof Repair Service in Maryland

FAQs About Emergency Roof Repair and Tarp Service

When it comes to our trusted emergency roofing services, our team gets a lot of frequently asked questions from homeowners concerning their properties! Below are a few of the most common inquiries we receive.  

How Long Should a Roof Tarp Stay in Place?

A tarp is a temporary solution designed to prevent further water and roof damage until professional repair or replacement can occur. Generally, a roof tarp can stay in place for a few weeks, depending on the extent of the damage and how quickly repairs can be started! 

However, it’s essential to start planning for permanent repair as soon as possible after the tarp is installed, as prolonged use can lead to additional problems like mold growth and rot over time. 

How Soon Can RoofPRO Come Out for Emergency Services?

While we take immense pride in our team’s quick response times, these times can vary depending on a few factors, such as the severity of the damage, our company’s availability, and the local demand for services after a widespread storm.  

However, RoofPRO understands the urgency of these situations and aims to respond as quickly as possible, typically within the first 24 hours after your call! It’s always recommended to contact a professional roofing company immediately after noticing damage to discuss the next steps you should take for your property. 

Can I Place a Tarp to Stop Leaks on My Own?

While it’s technically possible to place a tarp on your roof to stop leaks, it’s usually not recommended for homeowners to do so without professional help! Installing a tarp on a damaged roof can be incredibly dangerous without the proper safety equipment and training. In addition, improper installation could lead to the tarp being ineffective or causing more damage over time. For these reasons, it’s best to hire a professional roofing company, like RoofPRO, that can quickly and safely secure a tarp on your roof until repairs can be made. 

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