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    Light Tubes for Your Roof

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    Nicholas DiMichael
    Nicholas DiMichael
    I have been a customer of RoofPro for ten years. They have been terrific: responsive, expert and prompt. They did an excellent job of replacing our very old gutter.They have also recently fixed a part of our roof that they did not install, and replaced our son’s roof. They have done a terrific job, with reasonable prices, in all of their work.
    stephen beecher
    stephen beecher
    Did everything above what they advertises. Easy and quick communications and work done on time promised with expertise.
    Tracy W
    Tracy W
    Roofpro was great to work with. Response time, professionalism, crew, sales. Everyone from start to finish was excellent to work with. They did a stellar job installing our new roof and gutters, fixed problem areas showing us exactly what they were going to do before they did it. Highly recommend!
    Richard Bradshaw
    Richard Bradshaw
    Roofpro did a really fine job of replacing water damaged and deteriorated siding and window framing at a truly competitive price. Crews were on time and worked efficiently. My expectations were met to the letter.
    Jeff Gatton
    Jeff Gatton
    John Henry and Ken Stanley, project manager were great to deal with on my roof project. Crew on time, cleaned up and finished the project timely.
    Linda Dixon
    Linda Dixon
    RoofPro scheduled an announcement immediately to identify the problem and promptly followed up within a few days to repair the roof. I was provided pictures of the issues, a full explanation of the problem, and the proposed repair. Although they had to remove/replace shingles and a piece of plywood, the repair is not noticeable. The workers were prompt, polite, and professional. I’m very pleased with RoofPro.
    Jalen Stevenson
    Jalen Stevenson
    Roofpro did a excellent job on my house to repair the siding that got damaged from the wind.
    Neil Levy
    Neil Levy
    We are very pleased with the service provided by RoofPro. They responded quickly to our request to repair our roof leak, diagnosed the problem and fixed it at a reasonable price.We confidently can recommend RoofPro.
    Savannah L
    Savannah L
    Very professional team, Dave was great!

    Sun Tunnels & Solatubes

    Sun tunnels and Solatubes are both effective ways to bring natural light into your home, but there are some subtle differences.  Sun tunnels, like those from Velux, are a general term for any system that channels sunlight from the roof to a lower level.  Solatube, on the other hand, is a specific brand known for its high-performance sun tunnel designs. They often incorporate features like reflective tubing and diffusers to maximize light output and create a more even spread of natural light throughout the room.  So, while all Solatubes are sun tunnels, not all sun tunnels are Solatubes.  Ultimately, the best choice for your project depends on your budget and desired lighting effect.

    sun tunnel installation
    sola tube installation

    When illuminating your home, there’s no substitute for natural light. Bringing the sun’s rays into your home and easing the load for your light fixtures doesn’t just brighten a room—it also brightens your mood. 

    Unfortunately, not every house features a lovely picture window in the living room to bring in that light. Sometimes windows that would bring in that light aren’t quite enough—trees and neighboring buildings can block sunlight, which leaves rooms darker than they should be. It may be that your best option to let the sunshine in is to illuminate your room from above. Learn more about sun tunnel installation brought to you by our experts at RoofPRO. 

    Although not as well-known as skylights, the products from Sun Tunnel or SolaTube offer an exceptional way to channel natural light into your home. These products, available in flexible or rigid models, can illuminate even those hard-to-reach areas where natural light never seems to make its way in. 

    Tubular Skylight Installation Service

    Tubular skylights, which are a general term for SolaTube or Sun Tunnels, are more than just skylights. The reflective surfaces within the tubular skylight magnify natural light, allowing these relatively small roof sun tubes to punch well above their weight in illumination. While traditional skylights rely on the sun’s current position to bring that light into your home, SolaTube, aka. Tubular skylights, offer a breakthrough technology. SolaTube uses solar cells to bank natural light—literally saving sunlight for a rainy day. When the sun cannot provide the light in your room that you need, SolaTube skylights pick up the slack with their solar-powered night lights. Consider SolaTube installation if your room needs consistent and natural light.

    The Velux Sun Tunnel provides roof-to-ceiling skylights with flexible paths and easy installation. Plus, the skylight experts at RoofPRO can complete Sun Tunnel installation in about 90 minutes—the time it would take to watch a movie. Sit back and enjoy the show while we help you live in a brighter, sunnier home. 

    RoofPRO is proud to partner with both Solatube and Velux for all your tubular skylight needs. If your home or business is in Maryland, we are your one-stop shop for top-quality tubular skylights and expert installation. Our team is highly trained in both Solatube and Velux products, allowing us to provide the perfect solution for your specific lighting needs. Contact RoofPRO today for a free consultation, and let us brighten your Maryland space with natural light!

    Sun Tunnel Installation

    Brighten up dark, cramped spaces with RoofPRO’s expert sun tunnel installation! For over 20 years, we’ve been serving Maryland, bringing natural light into homes with these low-maintenance systems.

    These versatile systems can be installed on any roof type, making them an ideal solution for any home. Imagine a brighter living room, a more cheerful bathroom, or a naturally lit hallway. Enhance your home with natural light, energy savings, and a more welcoming atmosphere. Let RoofPRO brighten your day—contact us today for a free consultation!

    Velux Sun Tunnel Installation

    We’re certified installers of Velux sun tunnels, a premium solution for bringing natural light exactly where you need it. These innovative systems bypass walls and ceilings, channeling daylight deep into your living space. Unlike traditional windows, sun tunnels require minimal roof penetration and are perfect for areas where installing a window isn’t an option. 

    With RoofPRO’s expertise and Velux’s trusted quality, you can enjoy the benefits of natural light, a brighter and more welcoming atmosphere, and potentially even reduced energy bills. Let RoofPRO transform your space with the power of the sun!

    sun tunnel diagram of installation on roofing

    Maryland Solatube Installers You Can Trust

    Ready to transform your Maryland home with natural light? Our team of certified roofers is ready to install your Solatube! Solatube skylights are a revolutionary way to bring clean, bright daylight deep into any room, regardless of its location in your house.

    Our team of experienced Solatube installers in Maryland is dedicated to providing top-notch service and flawless installations. We understand the unique needs of Maryland homes and can expertly install Solatubes on various roof types and in different areas of your house. Whether you desire a brighter kitchen, a more cheerful living room, or a naturally lit bathroom retreat, our Solatube installers have the expertise to make it a reality.

    RoofPRO: Serving Maryland for Over 20 Years With Solatube and Skylight Installation

    For over two decades, RoofPRO has been a trusted name in Maryland for all your roofing and skylight needs. We understand the unique challenges of Maryland’s weather and local roofing materials. We are dedicated to providing top-notch services that protect and enhance your home. Whether you need a brand new roof or are looking to bring natural light into your living space with a tubular skylight installation, our team of roofing professionals is here to guide you every step of the way. From expert advice on choosing the perfect sun tunnel for your needs to flawless sun tunnel repairs and replacements, RoofPRO is your one-stop shop for a brighter and more secure home.