What Is On My Roof?

5 different types of pipes on residential roofs
May 7, 2020
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Learn About The Different Pipes On Your Roof


Below is a list of the pipes and accessories that you see in this picture. With a description of what they are for.

1. HVAC Vent Stack

These are what vent the fuel burning appliance in your home. For example, a fireplace, boiler, furnace or water heater. These come with specifically designed flashing kits to seal up the connection between the pipe and the roof.

2. Small Box Vent: For dryer or a bathroom fan.

Smaller box vents are used for either your bathroom vent fan or a clothes dryer. If your bathroom fan doesn’t vent outside the roof, it could result in a condensation leak. If your dryer vents to the roof, remember to clean the protective vent screen.

3. Large Box Vent

Typically, 12”x12” box vents are used to vent the attic space of hot air and condensation. They work in conjunction with the intake vents to complete the attic ventilation required to prolong the life of your roof.

4. Attic Fan

The attic fans also work in conjunction with your ventilation system to pull the hot air and condensation out of your attic, prolonging the life of your roof. The fans can be powered by both solar and electric.

5. Plumbing vent pipes

Standing 2’ up from the roof line, These pipes are attached to all water sources in your home, which ultimately drain into the sewer. They require a specific type of flashing to cover the transition between the pipe and the roof. Terms for these are: Rubber neoprene pipe flashing, pipe collar flashing, pipe jack, and pipe boot. All of which are referring to the exact same thing.

6. High-Efficiency Furnace system

The intake and exhaust for a high-efficiency furnace. The intake requires a gooseneck to prevent moisture from entering the pipe. The taller straight pipe is for the exhaust.