repairing vent pipe flashing
May 8, 2020
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Five Steps To Replace A Vent Pipe Flashing

1. Remove the old and clean the pipe

Carefully remove all the shingles from the flashing. Be sure to clean the outside of the pipe from old caulk that could be in the way of the flashing.

2. Install Underlayment

Ice and Water shield is the best underlayment to use around penetrations. It has a rubbery sort of substance that wraps around every nail preventing water from getting through.

3. Install Roof Cement

Apply a small line of roof cement on the bottom of the aluminum base. This helps to prevent water from getting in the sides.

4. Pipe flashing

Once you’ve placed the flashing on the pipe, make sure the pipe doesn’t move, pulling the rubber gasket out of place. Make sure to nail the flashing in the places that are least likely to be touched by water. So the top corners and on the bottom, making sure to cover with caulk.

5. Shingles

Cut your shingles precisely to leave at least half an inch around the base. Leave the bottom of flashing exposed so only the sides and top are covered by shingles. If there is a split in the shingle along the edge of the flashing, be sure to caulk the edge of the flashing.


  • Installing an extra rubber gasket over top of the new pipe flashing will prolong the useful life of that pipe collar. You can also caulk around the top of the gasket. Painting the pipe and flashing will give you a consistent look across the roof so the pipes don’t stand out as much.