waterfall arrow pointing to roof leak around vent pipe
May 5, 2020
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Not every “solution” will stop the leak. There are multiple ways to fix a leak coming from the vent pipes. But not all of them are effective or last very long. There are specifically designed flashing kits for the pipes on your roof along with specific ways to install the flashing and shingles around the pipe.

Flashing or shingle leak? Keep in mind that the pipe could leak from either the flashing or the shingles around it. The rubber gasket on the flashing, if made by cheap rubber, will start to break within approximately 7 years.

Top Five Ways To Stop a Leak From Your Vent Pipe

Some of these options listed below address just the rubber gasket and others address the whole flashing system.

1. The Rubber Ring Gasket

If you are looking for possibly the least expensive repair, sliding a new rubber ring over your existing pipe flashing will do the trick. Install caulk around the old rubber gasket before putting the new rubber gasket on. The problem here is that if you have misdiagnosed the leak and it is actually coming from the flashing kit or the shingles, then the rubber gasket won’t stop anything.

2. Pipe Sleeve

The pipe sleeve works in similar fashion to the rubber gasket ring. It solely addresses the top rubber of the flashing and does not address anything related to the base of the flashing or the shingles around it.

3. Standard Flashing With Extra Gasket

Replacing the whole flashing kit is definitely the best way to fix a pipe leak. Make sure you go with an aluminum base not plastic. Install a second rubber gasket over top of the new flashing. This way, you get double the protection on your flashing kit. This is the most affordable option that will also maintain integrity for the duration of the life of the shingles.

4. The Ultimate Pipe Collar

Typically the most expensive remedy, This comes with a larger pipe collar flashing that has a custom sized rubber gasket. Everything about this product is bigger and stronger. It requires specific measurements for the pipe and a slightly more labor intensive installation.

5. Shingles and Underlayment

No matter how great your flashing is, if you don’t install it the right way, it doesn’t work. There is a specific way to install the flashing. You only want the bottom half of the metal showing, nailing only at the edges and caulking any exposed nails. Using Ice and Water underlayment and roof cement in the correct places will also improve the performance.

How To Install A Vent Pipe Flashing