damaged gutter roof repair and repalcement with dirt in gutters
March 30, 2022
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You’ve just bought your dream home but you’re about to have a nightmare. Realize that there are the biggest problems with the roof, gutters, fascia, or siding. You’re going to have to pay out a bundle for major repairs – every homeowner’s worst nightmare!

Sure you’ve got a good inspection report, but that’s only looking at the outside of the house… what if there are serious issues lurking under the surface?

That’s where RoofPro can help. Our experienced team of home inspectors is qualified to inspect homes so you can discover issues with your new property before they cost more than they’re worth. We also offer damage assessment services in the event of an emergency or storm damage and will offer free estimates on repairing and replacing damaged parts of your property. 

So don’t let your summer become a disaster – call RoofPro today!


The 4 Biggest Gutters Issues New Homeowners Face


1. Severe Exterior Damage

Basic wear and use from big storms over the years may contribute to a natural thinning of the structure, but damaged gutters can be extremely troublesome after a time. Loose gutters are a safety hazard, and those with seams may ultimately unleash leaks. 

Solution: A roofing professional may reseal problematic seams or recommend building a seamless system.


2. Blocked up with Debris

It’s fairly unusual for gutters to get clogged with dirt and debris. Over time, this accumulation causes water to back up into the spout. Because water cannot pass through them and away from your home, it flows down the siding. This discharge has the potential to inflict serious damage to the foundation and overall structure. 

Solution: Clogs may be avoided by performing annual maintenance.


3. Badly Constructed System

A badly constructed or planned gutter system is an issue from the start, but you may not realize it until you discover apparent damage to your roof or the inside of your home. For example, an unskilled general contractor may not pitch the gutters in the direction of the downspouts with enough of a slope or may cite the downspout too near to the house. In such a situation, the water might cause internal damage to your basement.

Solution: Hire a professional roofing contractor


4. Sagging Due to Excess Weight

A gutter blockage causes more than just water damage. The added weight of the trash might cause drooping since the gutter’s hardware isn’t robust enough to support the load. Although your contractor may be able to screw it back on, it’s typically advisable to replace it with newer, stronger hardware.

Solution: Gutter System Replacement

Replacement Gutter System Advantages

Years of Defense

Replacing your gutters is one of the best ways to prevent water damage. Poor gutter flow causes leaks and overflows onto your property. It may flood your basement and destroy your foundation if it collects around your home. Water damage to siding may lead to expensive repair or an ugly look. Water damages your vegetation, patio, and driveway, as well as your home’s exterior. Replace your gutters to prevent discolored brickwork, cracked porches, and drowned trees.


Curb Appeal Booster

A gutter installation service might also help you sell your property faster. It also avoids damage that might turn away prospective purchasers. A house that appears new may be a source of pride, even if it is solely for you to care about.


Roof Installation Complements

Installing gutters is also convenient when installing a roof. When replacing a roof, why not update the gutters as well? Thank you, roofers! They may install the gutters all at once instead of piecemeal. This method speeds up the installation and blends your gutter into your roof. For a total makeover, match your gutter and roof colors.


Avoids Risks

A defective gutter system may be dangerous in many ways. Extra water runoff makes grass and other surfaces unsafe to tread on. Insects and other pests may begin to call that water home if it remains for long enough. Snow dams form due to inadequate drainage in the winter. Snow and ice buildup on your roof might cause structural damage if you have an ice dam.


Less Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining older gutters is tough work. Taking care of them requires climbing ladders. Do-it-yourself Gutter cleaning is risky and inconvenient. Cleaning new gutters is easier, particularly if they have guards installed.


Why An Expert Roofing Company Is Critical During New Home Construction

A home is a big investment. For most people, it will be the largest investment they ever make. It’s also one of the most complex, with dozens of moving parts. When building a new home, it’s important to have the best possible experts on your side. That includes an expert roofing company to handle your roof installation and selection process.

This is not an area you can afford to scrimp on. Roofing material options are numerous, and your choice will have a significant impact on the appearance and value of your home. The quality of installation is equally important. A poor roofing job will result in higher long-term costs due to maintenance and repairs, reduced energy efficiency, and decreased lifespan.

Fortunately, there are plenty of experienced roofing experts in every market. How do you choose the right one?

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The main takeaway is that choosing the right roofing contractor for your house from the beginning is important. 

Do your research, prepare your budget and choose the best gutter service for you! RoofPro has helped tens of thousands of people like you over the last decade by making sure we never cut corners, don’t assume, and choose the right solution each and every time. Call us today at (410) 862-3717 to discuss your roofing needs before it’s too late.

Additionally, use the points listed above to make sure your system is completely free of problems for years to come.