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Experiencing a leaking roof during heavy rain but not a light or normal rain fall can be a troubling proposition for any homeowner. It’s a clear indication that where the water is entering the home is not a normal leak. 

Heavy rain can cause larger amounts of water to flood parts of the roof that overwhelm the roofing system. There could be an existing roof problem, or the flashing in that area is not equipped to handle the larger amount of water.

When either of these situations occurs, there are ways to properly repair the leak. Read on or contact our team at RoofPRO today to learn more. 

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Roof Leaks Can Be Caused by a Myriad of Reasons

Roof leaks that spring up during heavy rainstorms are typically not random; they are often the result of specific vulnerabilities or damage in your roofing system. These reoccurring leaks can be a result of normal wear and tear over time or newer damages; understanding the various reasons behind these leaks is the first step towards remediation and preventing future damage to your property! 

What Causes a Leaking Roof During a Heavy Rain?

As stated above, finding the root cause of a leaky roof during heavy rainfall is important for stopping the issue altogether. RoofPRO is proud to offer complimentary inspections and estimates for roof leak repairs in Maryland! Contact us today to schedule your inspection, or read on to learn more about the common causes that cause reoccurring roof leaks. 

Overwhelmed Sections of the Roof

One of the most common reasons leaks appear only during heavy rain is due to abnormal amounts of water directed to one specific point of the roof. These areas, such as valleys or flashing along the walls, become overwhelmed by high volumes of water and eventually leak.

For example, consider a situation where a gutter downspout empties onto a lower roof section. This scenario adds water from the upper roof to the lower one, which may already be handling a significant amount of its own runoff. This concentrated flow can overwhelm the shingles or cause flashing, leading to leaks.

Damaged or Poorly Installed Flashing

Flashing is a vital roofing component that plays a crucial role in preventing leaks at transitions and penetrations throughout the roof system. These transitions include areas where the roof meets walls, chimneys, skylights, pipes, and other elements.

Proper flashing installation involves integrating the material with the underlying roofing material and then extending it up the vertical surface (wall, chimney, etc.) before being covered by siding or other exterior finishes. This creates a watertight seal that prevents leaks.

However, poorly installed flashing can leave gaps. These gaps become vulnerable points during heavy rain, allowing water to accumulate and seep into the roof system. With lighter rainfall, the water level may not reach these weak points, explaining why leaks might only occur during heavy downpours.

Multi-Layered Roofs

Some leaks appear only during heavy rains because of the path the water takes before entering your dwelling. Roofs with multiple layers can delay the leak’s appearance because water must penetrate each layer before reaching the attic. Once inside, the water may travel a significant distance through insulation and even drywall before becoming evident. This slower movement means lighter rain events might not generate enough volume to overcome the travel distance. However, heavier rains allow more water to accumulate and ultimately reach the interior, revealing the leak.

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Wind-Driven Leaks

Another factor influencing leak occurrence is wind direction. While wind itself doesn’t normally cause leaks on properly installed roofs, it can exacerbate existing vulnerabilities or deficiencies in the flashing, shingles, or other roof components. When strong winds blow from a specific direction, they can drive rain at an angle, forcing water into areas that might not be exposed during normal rainfall. This can lead to leaks appearing only during wind-driven rainstorms and seemingly isolated to specific wind directions.

Debris in Roof Valleys

Debris accumulation in the valleys of your roof can contribute to obstructing water flow, leading to pooling and eventual seepage into your home. Keeping these vulnerable areas clear of leaves, branches, and other debris is crucial, particularly before storm seasons, to allow water to flow freely off the roof into your gutters. 

What Should You Do In the Event of a Roof Leak?

While it’s vital to have a professional roofer come to inspect the damage, homeowners in Maryland can do a few things to help slow leaks down.  

NOTE: Exercise extreme caution when inspecting or working on your roof. Working at these heights can be incredibly dangerous, especially without proper equipment. If you feel unsure at all during the process, reach out to a professional contractor right away. 

Be Proactive Inside the Home to Mitigate Water Damage

If you discover a leak within your home, taking immediate action can help minimize water damage from getting worse. Placing buckets or containers under leaks, removing valuables from affected areas, and drying out wet spots can prevent further damage and water infiltration. Additionally, consider turning off electricity to the affected area if the leak is near electrical wiring! 

Reach Out to a Professional Roofer for a Full Inspection

Contacting a professional contractor for a thorough roof inspection is vital. A professional can assess the extent of the damage, identify the source of the leak, and provide the necessary repairs or replacements to fix the issue moving forward. Attempting to fix the problem yourself without the proper knowledge or tools can lead to further damage or personal injury. 

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