March 31, 2018
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We were called to this residence for a leaking skylight. Several other contractors had been called to fix the problem first, but their repairs were insufficient and water damage was still an ongoing issue.

As a replacement for the problematic, leaking originals (shown below), our client ordered beautiful, custom pyramid skylights. As we installed them, we paid extra attention to the sealing and flashing so that nothing but sunlight could find its way through.

What Was Causing the Window Leak?

In the old skylight picture (above) you will notice the tar sealant that was applied around the edges of the window had peeled away from the plastic cover. This allowed condensation and moisture to seep between the skylight and flashing into the home. There was also a flat ledge around the edge of the skylight that prevents water from draining away from the frame of the window.

On the new installation you can see the metal flashing overhangs the base of the the skylight opening and goes down over the edge. There is no place for water to pool and collect, allowing it (thanks to gravity!) to simply drain away from the skylight.

Do You Need a Skylight Repair?

Choosing a reliable and knowledgeable contractor is the most important step in resolving your roof and window repair problems. Make sure they understand your situation and can communicate how their solution fixes the underlying issue!