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Installing new siding on your home can provide tremendous benefits but often comes with a hefty price tag. That’s why exploring siding financing options is crucial to upgrading your home’s exterior without breaking the bank! 

At RoofPRO, we understand how daunting the costs of exterior home improvements can seem. In addition to our customer-friendly financing plans, our team wants to outline some standard options homeowners have when investing in new siding! Read on or contact our team today to learn more. 

What are the Benefits of Installing New Home Siding?

Though installing new siding on your house may seem costly upfront, this exterior overhaul is one of the best improvements you can make to your home. The sheer value added to your home’s aesthetic charm, structural fortitude, and energy efficiency renders this investment well worth the initial outlay. 

We understand that the sticker shock for home improvement projects is real for many Marylanders. However, selecting a financing strategy aligned with your unique budget and goals is vital to enjoy the benefits that new siding can deliver for your property. 

Boost Curb Appeal and Value

One of the top reasons homeowners install new siding is to boost their home’s curb appeal. Over time, your existing siding can become faded, damaged, or dated. Upgrading to fresh vinyl, wood, or fiber cement siding makes an incredible visual impact; this added curb appeal can also directly translate into added property value when it comes time to sell! 

Added Functionality and Insulation

Aside from aesthetics, new siding adds functionality to your home. Advanced siding materials, professional installation, and added insulation will help to make your home more energy-efficient throughout the year! This means you can save money on utilities while protecting your home from weather damage. New siding also boosts noise insulation, making your indoor space quieter and more comfortable. 


Popular Choices for Siding Financing

Now that we’ve outlined the tremendous benefits that new siding can provide for your Maryland home, it’s time to explore financing options to make this valuable home upgrade affordable! There are several intelligent financing choices to cover your new siding investment, each with its pros, cons, interest rates, and qualifications. As you’ll learn, you have better alternatives beyond digging into your savings or putting the entire project on a high-interest credit card! 

The section below outlines new siding projects’ most popular and strategic financing options. Finding the right financing solution for your budget and home equity position is the key to confidently moving forward. Creativity and planning allow you to discover an affordable financing option that fits your unique circumstances. Let’s review the best financing choices to realize your home’s siding dreams! 

FHA Title 1 Home Improvement Loan

The Federal Housing Administration offers low-interest Title 1 loans up to $25,000 for eligible home improvements; new siding installation often qualifies! These Title 1 loans do not require home equity, and you don’t have to purchase private mortgage insurance. The repayment terms are often more flexible than other financing options as well. 

Home Equity Loan or HELOC

For dwellings boasting sufficient equity, home equity loans and HELOCs (home equity line of credit) permit borrowing against your home’s value at enticingly low rates. Opting for a home equity loan nets you a one-time lump payout.  

It’s important to remember that home equity financing pledges your home as collateral, so repayment capacity is stringently vetted for those with bad credit. But comparatively bargain basement interest rates make these instruments wise for qualified borrowers aiming to fund substantive outlays! 

Personal Loan

Personal loans are available from credit unions, banks, online lenders, and more. This lump sum financing comes at mid-range interest rates through unsecured loans. Qualifying for a personal loan will depend on your credit score and debt-to-income ratio. Lenders offer personalized rates based on your creditworthiness, so it’s best to consult with a financial advisor before moving forward. 

Credit Card

For minor siding repairs or small-scale projects, a credit card is an accessible financing option. However, it’s worth noting that credit card interest rates are considerably higher than other choices! We only recommend using a credit card if you can quickly pay off the balance. Charging a large siding project to a card can take much longer to pay down at high APRs. 

Ask if Your Siding Contractor Offers Finance Options

Many siding contractors, like RoofPRO, offer customer-friendly financing plans. Third-party lending networks give homeowners access to low rates and extended terms for monthly payments. 

Ask your contractor about financing options to make the process as smooth and affordable as possible. Companies like ours want to eliminate financing obstacles so you can enjoy your new siding sooner!


FAQs about New Siding Installation

To further prepare you for your siding project, review some frequently asked questions below about installation costs and financing. 

How Much Does New Siding Cost?

Siding costs vary dramatically based on property, materials, and project scope. On average, homeowners pay around $15,000 for a complete replacement with new vinyl siding. Total costs depend on factors like: 

• Siding materials (vinyl, wood, fiber cement, etc.) 

• Number of stories 

• Amount of preparation work needed 

• Added insulation or underlayment 

A new exterior often costs $8,000 to $12,000 on a typical single-story home with vinyl siding, though luxury materials like cedar wood siding can cost $20,000 or more! Our team provides custom estimates based on your specific project and property. Contact us today for a free, no-hassle quote. 

Does RoofPRO Offer Financing?

Absolutely! We understand how expensive new siding can be upfront, even though it adds tremendous long-term value. That’s why we’re proud to offer customer-friendly financing plans through trusted lending partners. We work closely with these networks to get homeowners low rates and flexible repayment terms. 

The simple application process allows you to be approved in minutes. Then, we take care of the details and provide clear financing terms. Before you know it, your home has a beautiful new exterior! 

RoofPRO is Proud to Be a Go-To Contractor in Maryland

Now that we’ve explored the benefits of new siding and how to make the project more affordable, you’re probably eager to transform your home’s exterior. The next step is finding a trustworthy and local contractor to realize your siding vision. That’s where our top-rated team at RoofPRO comes in! 

As experienced siding installers serving Maryland homeowners, we take great pride in being our region’s go-to exterior solutions company. Our expertise, craftsmanship, and dedication to customer satisfaction set us apart from the rest. With our help, you can achieve the home exterior you’ve always imagined, from its roof to its foundation! 

Local Expertise with Exterior Solutions

Our company was founded in Maryland, and we’ve made it our mission to become experts in all exterior home solutions. We handle every exterior project with the utmost professionalism and care – from inspecting and planning to flawless installation. Regardless of your improvements, our local team has the experience and know-how to make it happen. 

We’ve helped countless area homeowners refresh their siding, roofing, windows, and gutters for superior protection and aesthetics. Our expertise encompasses all exterior surfaces, allowing us to recommend the ideal products and modifications unique to each home. As true exterior specialists fully equipped to elevate your home’s curb appeal and performance, we take great pride in being the go-to local company for exterior transformations! 

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With nearly 20 years of experience, customers trust us as the go-to exterior experts. We take pride in our craftsmanship and treat each home like our own. RoofPRO is committed to complete customer satisfaction from financing to the finished product! 

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We hope this overview has shown you how affordable and rewarding new siding can be for your home. Now is the perfect time to transform your property and boost curb appeal. 

Don’t wait – reach out to the siding experts at RoofPRO today to schedule your free consultation! Our team is standing by to provide a personalized quote based on your vision, discuss financing options that fit your budget, and answer any lingering questions about the process.