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Skylight condensation is not just a minor inconvenience; it can be an issue that, if left unaddressed, leads to more significant problems, including water damage and structural issues within your home! Understanding both the causes and the most effective solutions for excessive skylight condensation is crucial for any homeowner who wants to ensure the functionality of their skylight and fully enjoy its benefits. Read on to learn more or contact our team at RoofPRO for more information!  

Velux Brand Skylight

What Causes Condensation in Skylights?

Several factors can contribute to the formation of condensation on your skylights, but the most common reasons are related to the interaction between different temperatures on the inside and outside of the glass panes. 

Warm Internal Air Meeting the Cool Glass

The most frequent cause of condensation is the simple physics of warm air coming into contact with the colder surface of the skylight glass. This temperature difference causes the air moisture to condense into water droplets on the skylight’s interior. While it’s mostly a natural occurrence, particularly during winter months or in areas with high humidity, it can be a real annoyance for homeowners! 

Cracks or Holes in the Skylight's Casing

Another common cause of condensation problems in skylights is the compromised integrity of a skylight’s casing, that is, the frame that holds the skylight glass. This essential component is designed to create a water-tight seal between the skylight and glass. However, over time, the flashing can develop cracks or holes, exacerbating any cold air leaks and existing condensation issues. If you suspect that your skylight’s casing is damaged, it’s vital to get your skylight repaired as soon as possible to avoid any further problems down the line.

Dangers of Excessive Condensation

The implications of unchecked condensation can go far beyond simple water droplets on glass. Read more about the dangers that this problem can pose for homeowners down below. 

Built-Up Condensation Can Form Leaks

Over time, if condensation forms and is not properly managed, it can lead to pooling water, which can eventually find its way into your home’s interior. This pooling and excess moisture can cause much larger problems, such as water damage to ceilings, walls, and floors, and in severe cases, can lead to mold growth! For these reasons, it’s essential to take condensation issues seriously and contact a professional if you cannot diagnose the issue yourself. 


Other Roofing Issues Can Arise if the Skylight is Damaged

If the structure of the skylight or its surrounding area is compromised due to prolonged exposure to moisture, it can lead to a myriad of roofing problems that extend far beyond your skylight. If the integrity of the roofing system can be weakened, it can lead to skylight leaks, insulation damage, and in extreme cases, structural damage that will need major repairs. 

How to Fix and Prevent Skylight Condensation

In general, it’s important to maintain your skylight from both the inside and outside. When addressing condensation, we also advise you to have someone inspect your skylight from on top of it; this way, you can look for damage in the casing along with clearing any debris at the surface. Often, debris can accumulate at the top of the skylight, obstructing water flow and leading to pooling. Keeping these vulnerable areas clear of leaves, branches, and other debris is crucial, particularly before storm seasons, to allow water to flow freely off the roof into your gutters. 

Improve Your Home's Ventilation and Air Flow

One of the most effective ways to combat skylight condensation is by improving the overall ventilation and airflow within your home. This can be achieved through various means, such as using exhaust fans in high-moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms, ensuring that higher spaces within the home are properly ventilated. Keeping fresh air moving within your home can do wonders for battling condensation issues! 

Dehumidify the Air Within Your Home

In areas with high humidity, using a dehumidifier can significantly reduce the moisture content in the air, thereby reducing the potential for condensation on skylights and other surfaces. For the best results, consider using a whole-home dehumidifier system or portable units in specific areas in your house prone to high humidity and moist air.  

Install a Venting Skylight

Skylights come with a variety of helpful features, with venting skylights being among the most popular. A venting skylight allows you to manually, or with the use of a solar-powered remote control, open and close your skylight. This feature allows any air in the house that is heavily saturated with moisture to escape from the room, eliminating the chance of condensation buildup.

Fix Any Damages with the Skylight's Components

A regular inspection of your home’s roofing system and skylight can reveal problems with the condition of the flashing and seals. At the first sign of damage or wear, it’s important to take action to repair the affected components! These repairs will not only help to prevent condensation but also will protect the overall integrity of the skylight and your property’s roofing.  


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