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Tim Taylor and his team at RoofPRO have been serving Columbia since 2004. Providing all your roofing, siding and gutter repairs or replacements.

“When I started roofing I found myself constantly repairing work done by roofers who didn’t know what they were doing. As a result, homeowners were having to spend extra money to fix their roof again. People work hard for their money and it just wasn’t right. This is why our main focus at RoofPRO is to roof it right the first time.” -Tim Taylor.

Our Services In Columbia Maryland:



    Offering a 25-year workmanship warranty from the manufacturer. Whether it's a repair or replacement, we are able to do both.



    There are many types of flat roofs in Columbia. From roof decks to TPO, and granulated rolled roofing. Warranties can range from 10-years to 30-years depending on the product you choose.



    Providing a 10-year manufacturer warranty on skylights. Since Columbia is know for having many neighborhoods surrounded by trees, we of two high-quality gutter covers for both small and large tree debris.



    Columbia is known for it's unique variations of siding, from wood, to vinyl and more. There is no "one size fits all."

You know you're in Columbia, Maryland when you see these styles of homes. (Houses we have worked on.)

It seems that every house in Columbia was designed by a different person. Below are three photos of jobs we have done in Columbia.

First Photo: This homeowner had a deck that was designed to walk out on to from their second story door. The roof was old and the edges of the roof and flashing had all started to break down and the roof was in bad shape. The leak had been going on for so long that by the time we replaced all the wood, some of the framing and fascia boards need to be replaced also. In the end the customer received a beautiful walk-out deck roof.

Second Photo: After an intense wind storm, this homeowner woke up in the middle of the night with a tree branch in their bedroom. That’s right, it blow off the tree, punctured the roof and came all the way into their home. Thankfully they were safe. Since we are friend and have worked on their house for a few years, they called us right away. We were able to help them through the process of placing a claim with their homeowners insurance. As a result they were able to invest in a brand new roof that looks amazing.

Third Photo: One of my good friends saved for years to buy a house and shortly after doing so, realized they needed a new roof. The shingles were cracking and they had a small stain on their ceiling from a leak. The hired us to remove the shingles down to the plywood, replace rotten plywood and install three-tab weatherwood shingles, to match what the HOA required. We also installed metal gutter covers. It’s been three years since they were installed and they have had no issues with their gutters being clogged.

Roof Repair

Not everything needs to be replaced. In most cases, if the general roof is in good condition, we are able to repair the roof and offer a warranty on the workmanship.

The most common issues that require a repair are as follows:

  1. Flashing around the pipes. Typically these are installed with a rubber flashing and if it’s a cheap builder grade flashing kit, they will normally break down around 7-years. Learn more about roof pipe flashing here.
  2. Chimney. A lot of homes in Columbia have wood siding. When the siding is not maintained, it can root away and expose the flashing around your chimney, or anywhere for that matter. Every chimney will require specific flashing, for example, brick chimneys will need metal counter flashing, where you cut into the mortar and tuck the metal into the brick.
  3. Skylights. These are a easily overwhelmed if extra debris from trees sit on the roof around the skylight, and we all know how many trees are in Columbia. With the extra debris, water will then pool behind the skylight and get into the flashing.
  4. Ridge vent. Unfortunately some builders still use aluminum ridge vent, which requires a lot of maintenance and can easily leak from wind driven rain. Since it is at the peak, it tends to find it’s way to the wood decking and as a result, the wood typically needs to be replaced as well. This is one of those items you will want to maintain and address as soon as you notice a leak.
  5. Exposed nails. In Columbia, because of how many houses are surrounded by trees. There are a lot of houses that have excessive debris on the roof. IF this is not cleared off, it can result in water backing up under the shingles and getting to the nails. There are also exposed nails in flashing and ridge vent, which is a maintenance item and you will want to keep an eye on this.

Roof Replacement

Always get three quotes but make sure you don't get tricked by the contractor. There are a lot of details when it comes to the quality of material and legitimacy of the contractor.


Does a "Lifetime" shingle mean it will last forever? What's the difference between "labor" and "workmanship"? The main shingle manufactures will have an "off-the-shelf" warranty and Enhanced Warranties. The fist, basic level warranty, doesn't hardly cover you at all and anyone can provide it. Whereas the Enhanced Warranty can only be provided by certified installers and covers a whole lot more. There is a lot of fine print on these warranties and it's easy for any roofer to throw out a few fancy terms like "50-year shingle" and it all sounds great but it doesn't always mean you are getting that.

Replace vs Layover

A layover is when you leave the existing roof and you put new shingles over top of it. There are a few problems that can occur from this. Building code only allows 2 layers on the roof. If you don't remove the old roof than you can't fully inspect the plywood, which means there could be damaged wood that causes sagging issues later on. Also, the new roof won't lay as flat as it could because it isn't being installed over the decking. I could keep going but our recommendation everyday is to replace and not layover.

Best Shingle

When choosing a shingle you want to consider the wind resistance. Some shingles are only warrantied up to 60mph where as others are warrantied up to 130mph. The tar-strip is another important part because the tar strip is what holds the shingles together. Some shingles have a thin line for the tar strip compared to shingles like the Owens Corning Duration, which has the largest tar strip in the industry. The Duration shingle also has three layers of material compared to the two layers that all other shingles have. What I'm referring to is where the top and the bottom of the shingle overlaps. The Duration shingle has an extra material that they refer to as the SureNail strip.

Best Flat Roof

Choosing between flat roof material depends on a few things. The flat roof material that is going to match your shingles in color is referred to as self-adhered rolled roofing. This system is only warrantied to last up to 15 years, which is not ideal since your shingles are meant to least between 25 to 50-years. The other option would be TPO, which is the best flat roof material on the market but comes at a more expensive price. But it will last up to 20+ years. There is also products like DuraDek, which is designed to be walked on, as seen in the photo above.

Related Services We Offer

  • Attic Insulation
  • Roof and Attic Ventilation
  • Skylight Repair and Installation
  • Siding Replacement

If you are curious about the cost to replace a roof, you also might want to check out this blog post we wrote to help: How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost in Maryland?

We are very pleased with the work and service. The company replaced two small and one large skylight. The company noted some other minor repairs that were needed and they did them for a very reasonable cost. The estimator and the workmen were polite and efficient. The workmen worked very hard on a cold day. We would definitely recommend RoofPro.

Columbia, MD

Great company! I called several companies to take a look at my roof. Roof Pro LLC was very responsive, returned my phone call, showed up on time and was honest about the condition of my roof. I needed some repair, which they did right on the spot. They even showed me the worn parts that they had replaced. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for an honest reliable roofing company.

Columbia, MD

I highly recommend this company! After calling a different contractor and having him not show up for the appointment, I called this company and they came out (actually came earlier than the appointed time!) gave me an estimate and competed the work right then and there! I would highly recommend this company!

Columbia, MD

We had received 5 different proposals to replace our roof only to unanimously agree on Roof Pro LLC. The whole process was painless. A job we thought would take weeks was completed in a weeks time from the signing of the contract to the completion of a brand new roof. We could not be pleased more. The team was extremely professional and hard working. Our roof surpassed all of our expectations.

Columbia, MD